Honda/Acura Spark Plug Tube Seal Guides

This is the product that started this venture - a set of Honda/Acura Spark Plug Tube Seal Guides!  If you've ever done this job, you know how difficult and time consuming the alignment can be.  This tool set will make that job simple and easy!  Each set comes with 4 of these tools  for all your needs!

These were designed by Automotive Specialty Tools and were created and manufactured by MMDR Designs. Currently these items are 3D printed in purple filament and are mostly solvent resistant and will stand up to standard use. This set comes with an orange semi-flexible 3D printed stand for easy storage within a tool box or chest.


These Spark Plug Tube Seal Guides are provided as is and will function as intended if used as tools to complete the task of aligning and installing a valve cover. These guides are intended for use by a qualified mechanic or automotive professional. Use of the product is at the user’s own risk. These are a tool and should be treated as such. They will withstand basic use and cleaning with light solvents. These should not be subjected to extreme force, temperatures or solvents. The flexible orange stand will withstand some flexing, but should not be deliberately bent or folded. These are not intended for children and as such should be kept of out reach of them.